Who We Are

In 2006, a small group of seven people began sensing that God wanted to start something new in the community of Versailles, Kentucky...a new church designed to connect with the thousands in our community who were disconnected from Him and from church. Versailles is a wonderful community, full of wonderful people and vibrant churches. Still, there was a large segment of the population that wasn't connected to any community of faith, and it was sensed that in order to connect with those people, God wanted to do something...different.

Over the next two years, those seven people began meeting regularly to pray, read the Scriptures, and seek God's plan for what to do with this new calling. After much prayer, Mosaic launched its first worship gathering in September of 2008. Since that time, we've seen people commit to follow Christ, serve God through ministry and mission, and connect with church in a way they never had before. It's been exciting to see what God has done in and through Mosaic, and it's even more exciting to anticipate what He's going to do in the future.

So why the name "Mosaic"?

The word "mosaic" is defined as "the art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces of glass, stone, or other materials". In other words, a mosaic is a piece of art that consists of smaller pieces of different colors, shapes, and sizes. Left alone, these pieces would be of less significance. But put together in just the right way, they create something beautiful.

That's what God does, on three different levels...

1. He takes the broken pieces of our lives...our flaws, our struggles, our rebellion, our wandering...and uses them to create something beautiful and valuable.

2. He takes the different pieces of our church...people of all different shapes, sizes, ages, colors, backgrounds, talents, and abilities....and uses them to create something beautiful and useful.

3. He takes churches of all different languages, colors, locations, and sizes...and uses them to create a kingdom, spreading the love of Jesus and serving people in His name.

That's why we chose the name Mosaic.

And that's what we are. On any given Sunday morning, you'll see people of different ages, sizes, backgrounds, occupations, neighborhoods....all gathered together to connect with God and with each other. And it's our hope that Mosaic will be used by God to bring people to Him in a way that they never have before, and to live the life that He intended for them to live.

What We Value

Core values are those things that are the most important to a church as it pursues its mission and lives out its purpose. Most churches share the same purpose, but not all churches value the same things. At Mosaic, we have nine core values that are essential to us as we live out what God has called us to be.

1.TRUTH- God is truth, and we will center our church on the truth of God and of His Word. A church built on anything other than truth will be weak and ineffective. 

2.MISSION- We will seek to be a church that is always on mission, doing what God has called us to do. Everything we do at Mosaic will be done with our mission in mind. 

3.SUBMISSION- Structure must always submit to spirit. In other words, we will always try to place the highest priority on God’s leading, not on our own plans. We want to be right in step with God, every step of the way. 

4.COMMUNITY- We want to experience community the way God intended. At Mosaic, we want people to be loved, prayed for, supported, and known. 

5.RELEVANCE- We don’t want to latch on to old stale church traditions, and we don’t want to create new stale church traditions. We want to be relevant to the society in which we live. We will always strive to be relevant in our structure, our ministries, our worship gatherings, and our mission. 

6.KINGDOM- We will always try to remember that God is not just building a church, He’s building a kingdom. We will be a part of what God is doing around the world at this point in human history, and through our prayers, giving, and involvement, we can join Him in that work. 

7.SIMPLICITY- We will always try to remember that “busy” does not equal “godly”. We will keep things as simple as possible, so that our people can have adequate time for rest, family, and engaging in relationships with the disconnected. 

8.SERVANTHOOD- We will always strive to be servants. The church doesn’t exist for itself, it exists to serve, love, and connect others, and that will be our goal. 

9.LOVE- Everything we do will be in the context of love. God’s love for us prompted the cross. Our love for Him should prompt us to love others. We will make it our goal to love EVERYONE with the love of Christ. We want to be known by our love, for God and for others.